Package of solutions for mobile interactivity

Take control of your mobile products and campaigns.
Lembreto CORP

Is our smart tool for sending SMS to your clients and employees.

Connected to all carrriers in Brazil, this SaaS also provides a group of contact management features and reporting tools.

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Lembreto PUSH

This platform allows you to set up push notification alerts for your iOS, Android and Windows apps. From a web-based interface you can send alerts, manage apps, subscribers and follow up on statistical reports.

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Lembreto PLUS

The complete solution for mobile marketing campaign management, with Voice and SMS interactions.

Allows you to combine SMS interactions (2-way) with 3rd-party APIs and Voice calls.

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Lembreto PROMO

Is our SMS Promotions solution.

With over 20 success cases within the last 2 years, this is the most robust package of software plus service in the market.

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Is our digital platform for SMS and On-line learning mechanisms upon relevant content partnerships.

The platform supports language courses, sales force training, endomarketing communication and interaction and many others approaches.

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